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Primeval: Season four, episode four

Mc Kinnon school. The CCTV is very staticky, but it picks up an Anomaly opening.

A very Irish teacher is overseeing detention – a girl and two boys. The boys did something bad in Science, but we don't know what the girl did.

The teacher heads out to the vending machine. It's not working very well and eats his coin. He tries reaching into the tray, but something grabs him from inside. When he pulls free, a Creature bursts out and he is eaten. The children don't seem to hear his screams.

How can the Creature have been in there anyway? You know, with the gears and stuff?


Emily, in Matt's clothes, crosses Matt's apartment. He wakes up to find her sneaking away. He talks her into staying for coffee – no, wait, tea – and a discussion of what to do.

"My shirt looks good on you, by the way."

"It was all I could find."

"Yeah, sorry about that. All my skirts are in the wash."

"Was that an attempt at humour?"

"Well, I've had bigger laughs, but yeah."

There's also a shot showing four Black Boxes lined up on a counter. Remember that; there's going to be a quiz.

Connor meets Abby in the ARC. Philip's coming to see her and Connor tells her not to worry.

Philip and Lester argue over a matter of policy. Lester's for ignoring the policy. Philip's for going ahead.

Philip twists everything Abby says until he says she's agreed to euthanasia. Abby is Not Down With This Shit. Also, Connor doesn't immediately jump to her defence, so he's clearly the bad guy.

Anomaly Alert!

Abby refuses to leave in case Philip tries something. Connor tries to go after her but Becker calls him back.

Matt's called for the Alert. He asks Emily to stay until he gets back so they can find Ethan together. He takes a Black Box, carefully explaining them to her.

The kids are getting restless. One of the boys attempts to chat up the girl, who's having none of it. She gets up to leave.

The team pulls up outside the school.

One of the boys finds her phone and they sneak out of the room as the team arrive. Jess has them on CCTV but it's not very clear.

The boys sneak into the office and download a video clip from the girl's phone onto the computer system in an attempt to embarrass her.

"From her phone to every screen saver in the school."

The team walks through the hall.

"Why do all schools smell the same? Like spot cream and misery."

"I quite liked school."

"Yeah, that figures. What about you, Matt? How were your school days?"

"I don't remember."

"Come on, everyone remembers school."

"Not me. Let's get this Anomaly locked and get out of here."

"You don't like talking about yourself much, do you?"


They come across the remains of the vending machine.

The boys are still in the office. They catch sight of the team on the cameras.

Matt finds blood and the team head upstairs. Connor steps into a corridor to check it while the others keep going.

The boys are still watching. They lock all the doors in an attempt to keep from being caught by the team, who they think are police. The boys try to make a run for it, but the Creature attacks.

Abby watches the Menagerie for a moment. She coaxes Rex into a pet carrier.

The boys are hiding in the office.

Matt and Becker have found the teacher's body; the Creature used venom to kill him.

The boys use the CCTV to check on them. Connor heads for the server to reboot the system while the others hunt the Creature.

Abby gets Jess' attention and asks for her help. She plans to sneak all the animals out and needs Jess' help.

Becker and Matt find a blood trail. Jess sees the Creature on the second floor. She also sees the boys, on its trail. Matt and Becker chase after them but they hide in lockers and the cameras are down so Jess can't see them.

The girl, who I think they called Beth, is messing on a trampoline in the gym. She hears a noise and stops, unsure.

Jess sees her.

Beth crosses the gym, listening. She thinks the boys are messing with her. Jess sees the Creature behind her and sends Matt and Becker after her.

Connor's found the server, but he doesn't know the system and needs a minute to figure it out. Matt and Becker are one locked door away from the gym.

And then the Creature attacks. Jess is traumatised. Matt and Becker burst in, too late.

Abby calls up to Jess to have the loading bay cleared. Jess, still in shock, refuses because the Creatures are dangerous.

"Sorry, Abby. These Creatures are too dangerous. I've just been handed a major reality check."

Matt and Becker hear the Creature and go after it. They go into a maintenance area, all wires and bits of machinery and loose equipment. Matt is attacked. Since the lights are flickering, it's really hard to tell what's actually happening, but at some point he takes a baseball bat to it. It retreats into the gym and Becker shoots it.

Matt sets Connor on the trail of the boys, since the door locks are rebooting and Jess will be able to take control. Jess calls in to tell Matt someone has to lock the Anomaly; more Creatures are coming through.

Emily is working on a picture of Ethan in Matt's flat. She lays it aside, first to study the flat, then to step out on the balcony.

Abby's preparing a weapon when Lester comes down to ask her to stop. She'll only be hurt and she'll never make it.

"This is wrong. No human being in history has seen these creatures alive before us. We've been given the most amazing gift, and how do we repay that privilege? By killing them because they're inconvenient. What does that say about humans? About us?"

Something she says strikes a chord with Lester.

Someone comes up the stairs into Matt's flat. Emily calls for Matt, but it's Ethan.

Philip asks Lester to co sign the order for the animal killings. Lester refuses, and points out that in years to come, that order will be proof of who ordered the killing of these fascinating animals.

"One day it will all come out, whether we like it or not. After all you've achieved, to be remembered simply as Burton the dinosaur killer does seem rather a cruel fate. Not quite the legacy you had in mind, I'd imagine."

Are we supposed to think Philip hadn't thought of that? He's supposed to be politically savvy, isn't he?

Matt and Becker split up to deal with the Creatures. Connor, racing through a glass covered corridor, sees the boys in another. The Creature is sneaking up behind them, but they're concentrating on trying to understand Connor's sign language and don't figure it out until it's almost on them. They run for it.

The boys hide in the gym changing rooms. One of them turns on the showers, instantly filling the room with steam. Wish we'd had showers like that at my school.

The Creature attacks through the steam. The boys duck it and run.

Jess directs Becker to the Anomaly. There are sleeping Creatures in the room.

The boys have trapped themselves in a dead end. The Creature, coming through the ceiling for some reason, is almost on them.

Becker sets up the Locker.

The Creature's in the wall now.

Anomaly safely locked, Becker accidentally tips a counter. The noise wakes the Creatures and he starts firing.

Connor's on the other side of the door from the boys. Everyone slaps at the window.

In the canteen, Becker jumps around on tables, trying to get a shot.

Just as the Creature bursts through the wall, Jess gets the doors unlocked. Connor hustles the boys to one side and Matt leans over the railing and shoots the Creature.

Becker's still table hopping. A Creature gets up behind him, unnoticed, and attacks. Matt bursts in, but he can't see Becker and he's being attacked from all sides. What do the EMDs run on? They never seem to run out of power.

Connor takes the boys to the science lab and starts sciencing. It's so great that those boys are science nerds, as neatly laid out in the pre credits; I wouldn't have a clue what he was asking for.

Becker's hiding out in the kitchen. Matt drags him into the freezer and examines the leg wound.

"Matt, how long do I have?"

"How does twenty seconds sound?"

"Not the greatest news I've had all day."

"All right, well, I'll give you thirty."

He uses a tourniquet to stop the venom. He then adds salt. It really, really hurts. They burst out together and shoot things.

They're being overwhelmed when Connor and the boys come to the rescue with home made stink bombs of some kind. The boys are wearing gas masks and Connor has a scarf. He looks very manly.

Becker is alive and coughing.

Matt and Connor walk the boys out of the school. They stop along the way to un-upload the video from Beth's phone.

Abby watches the Mammoth in the Menagerie. Philip comes to tell her he's reconsidered killing all the animals. Lester gets another hug from Abby as thanks.

"You did this, didn't you?"

"Oh, steady on."

"Do you know what I think? Underneath it all, you're actually quite nice."

"Repeat that disgraceful slander and you'll be hearing from my lawyers."

Becker is very awkwardly getting changed. Jess walks in on him pulling on his shirt and manages to kick him in the bad leg.

"So sorry."

"It's ok, it's just a scratch."

"That's not what the medics said."

"Well, just a bite then."

Matt gets back to his flat and finds it empty.

Connor congratulates Abby on the animals being saved. She's still mad at him.

Matt finds the pictures Emily was working on. He goes out to the balcony to think. As he goes, he passes by a counter with two Black Boxes.

Across the street, Emily is tied to a table in Ethan's lair.
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