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These are the series I currently own. At any time you can vote for the next series to be recapped. If there are no votes I'll just go ahead and pick one for myself.

This list will be updated as I recap things and as I buy new series. I also own a ridiculous amount of movies; I may add them in as I go, for a break between shows.

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Primeval: Season Four, Episode Five

On a cliff. A researcher makes a video diary; he's searching for some kind of animal and hasn't seen it yet. It's been eating life stock in the area.

"The locals are totally freaked. Well, the locals are freaks. But that's probably unrelated."

Something roars outside. He goes out to check and it all goes very Blair Witch Project, night vision and jump cuts. He is dragged away.

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Primeval: Season four, episode four

Mc Kinnon school. The CCTV is very staticky, but it picks up an Anomaly opening.

A very Irish teacher is overseeing detention – a girl and two boys. The boys did something bad in Science, but we don't know what the girl did.

The teacher heads out to the vending machine. It's not working very well and eats his coin. He tries reaching into the tray, but something grabs him from inside. When he pulls free, a Creature bursts out and he is eaten. The children don't seem to hear his screams.

How can the Creature have been in there anyway? You know, with the gears and stuff?

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Primeval: Season four, episode three

An Anomaly opens in a theatre.

A woman steps out, looking carefully around. Behind her, a man helps another woman. They pick their way through the theatre. The man searches for a way out; the second woman is very sick.

The sick woman, Charlotte, dies in the arms of Emily after charging her to look after 'him'. The man, Ethan, turns on Emily and lays the blame on her.

A Creature emerges from the Anomaly.

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Primeval: Season Four, Episode One

So quick recap – in fact, I'll let Lester do it for me:


Five years ago I was put in charge of the ARC, a top secret government project investigating rips in time known as Anomalies. These Anomalies allow long extinct creatures from distant eras to cross into our own time....


A new team was put in place and many changes made to the ARC. Their battle continues. There is always a new threat. Whatever it is, we'll deal with it.

Danny is trapped in the Rift Valley, four million years ago. Connor and Abby are trapped in the Cretaceous, something between seventy five million years ago and seventy one million years ago. No one in the ARC knows where or when they are, and in current time they've been missing for a year.

On an out-of-world note, I love that my DVD case tells me Gideon and Ethan are joining the team this year. Brilliant.

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